Yuneec ST16S Multi Charger
Yuneec ST16S Multi Charger Yuneec ST16S Multi Charger

Yuneec ST16S Multi Charger

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Serial charging of ST16S batteries

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Multi charger for your ST16S batteries

  • The YUNEEC ST16S Multi Charger allows you to easily and conveniently charge your ST16S batteries without loosing time to fly. So far, when charging your batteries, you had to use the ST16S' direct charging port - therefore the remote control was not operational during the charging process. The ST16S Multi Charger lets you stay efficient while the batteries are fully charged elsewhere.
  • The ST16S Multi Charger offers three charging connections, which are loaded serially one by one. With its compact size and small weight of only 161 g, the charger quickly finds a place in your pocket and can be taken anywhere. As power supply you can simply use the charging cable of your H520 or Typhoon H Plus charger. Alternatively, the power supply is also available separately (YUNTYHFSPO90 + YUNTYHFSPO90EU).

  • DIMENSIONS: 154 x 82 x 32 mm (LxWxH)
  • WEIGHT: 161 g
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 19V - 21V / DC: 4.6 A
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 3V - 4.2V / DC MAX: 4A
  • TYPE OF BATTERY: ST16S batteries
  • CHARGE TIME: 2.3 hour/battery
  • CHARGE MODE: Serial (one by one)
  • POWER SUPPLY: Typhoon H / H520 power cable or available for purchase separately (YUNTYHFSPO90 + YUNTYHFSPO90EU)