Sundrax ArtJet Pro
Sundrax ArtJet Pro

Sundrax ArtJet Pro

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Rack mounted ArtJet PRO is smart solution to transmit more DMX universes through single Ethernet LAN 10/100Base-T or fibre 100Base-FX link

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Rack mounted ArtJet PRO is smart solution to transmit more DMX universes through single Ethernet LAN 10/100Base-T or fibre 100Base-FX link and especially advantageous for long distance installations providing perfect tool to establish safety ring network for data backup. Fibre link enhances length of direct communication between transceivers up to 2000 metres eliminating use of unnecessary switches or repeaters.

Various merging modes available: HTP, LTP, AUTO, PRIORITY, OVERLAY (Merging options). Merges two incoming ArtNet streams as well as any combination of ArtNet and DMX streams into DMX output for perfect show backup. All DMX ports may be used as inputs or outputs. Compatible with any hardware and software supporting ArtNet and sACN protocols. Configuration through web-based management page and ArtGate Manager utility. Available as classic Ethernet-DMX ArtGate PRO with up to 16 DMX outputs.


  • Convert DMX512 into ArtNet and sACN protocols in both directions to transmit DMX data through Ethernet LAN and optical link for long distances up to 2000 metres between transmitter and receiver
  • Working with lighting installations when distance between FOH console and stage exceeds 100 metres
  • Transmit more DMX streams with less cables
  • Lighting control and management through single network (Ethernet + fibre)
  • Convert mapped video content from mapping software into DMX streams
  • Ensure interfacing between modern stage lighting software and DMX lighting
  • Real-time control of video projectors and laser units supporting ArtNet or sACN from DMX console

Key Features

  • Integrated fibre optic port
  • Support PoE
  • Variable merging options: HTP, LTP, AUTO, OVERLAY, and PRIORITY. Merged data may be outputted to physical DMX ports, and/or looped back to Ethernet as new ArtNet/sACN stream.
  • Minimum loading time, fastest recovery after short power failure
  • Master IP that never gets lost
  • Natural heat convection, no fans or coolers, no vent slots – full protection from dust and smoke increases product lifetime
  • Maximum surge protection – power supply optimized for voltage from 100 to 315 V
  • Full galvanic isolation of all ports
  • Simple user-friendly web interface
  • Configurable DMX port direction

Sundrax ArtJet Pro

Merging Options

  • HTP (highest takes precedence),
  • LTP (latest takes precedence),
  • AUTO (last modified takes precedence – intelligent merging mode that provides availability to manage installation from two consoles simultaneously),
  • OVERLAY (merges custom slots from two ArtNet/sACN streams, fully customized through web interface),
  • PRIORITY (for sACN streams with priority tag, console with the highest priority for a given Universe will be in charge).


Supported protocols:
ArtNet I, II, III, IV/ sACN, DMX512, RDM
Data refresh rate:
44 Hz
Ethernet ports:
DMX ports:
4 or 8
1 XLR (M), 4 or 8 XLR (F) (5-pin, 3-pin)
Ethernet port:
10/100 Base-TX (up to 100m)
Fiber port:
100 Base-FX (up to 2000 m)
Fiber Optic connectors:
duplex SC
Ethernet connectors:
RJ-45/ etherCon
Power supply:
~90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz; PoE
Input Power (max):
Mains Fuse:
0.5 A
IP Rating:
IP 20
Dimensions, mm:
482(D) x 44(H) x 110(W)

Product Line:

8 DMX inputs/outputs (3-pin), 1 Ethernet port, 1 Fiber port
8 DMX inputs/outputs (5-pin), 1 Ethernet port, 1 Fiber port

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