Sismo Main Flight Control Box (MFCB) V2
Sismo Main Flight Control Box (MFCB) V2

Sismo Main Flight Control Box (MFCB) V2

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Main Flight Control Box to control Dual Linked Cap & F/O Yokes, Rudder Pedals and Tiller for 737NG & 737MAX Simulators

Toimitusaika 21 - 28 työpäivää

True full scale replica Allowed you to plug:

  • B737 Dual Linked Cap & FO Yokes
  • B737 Dual Linked Cap & FO Rudders pedals
  • B737 Tiller Cap side
  • Use only one USB port

Regarding our control box as you can see all ports has identification they mean the following: 

  • Yoke:
    • Yoke up/down (on the yoke you see 2 connectore in one of it you see "Y" that goes to yoke the other goes to Yoke SW) Yoke SW 
    • Yoke switchs (on the yoke connector you see "YS") 
  • Tiller: Tiller connector 
  • Rudder - Rudder (on Capitan rudder you see 2 connectores the one with that you see "R" it plugs to rudder the other to CAP Brakes) CAP Brakes (on Capitan rudder the connector you see "CB") FO Brakes ( you see 1 connectores you see "FB") Note: if you connect wrong the plugs don't worry that will not damage the control box simple will not work correct then you just need to reverse the plugs on the box.