SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer
SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer

SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer

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SimpLED – Mobile LED screens have never been so easy to use

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SimpLED - Basic LED Screen Trailer

SimpLED is the most basic mobile LED screen in our offer. It comes as an answer to the growing demand for affordable yet fully functional mobile LED screens. A wide-set of additional features transform that trailer into a truly versatile display platform.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

Things you need to know about SimpLED.

Below you can check out some of the most important features of SimpLED screen trailer: 

  • 3 Year warranty: Get a 3-year warranty on your SimpLED trailer and enjoy trouble-free operation of your screen trailer and full worldwide service.
  • Worldwide road approval: SimpLED screen trailer is available in multiple versions that are approved for registration in many countries around the world.
  • 4 Weeks to build the trailer: Thanks to well organized production schedule, we are able to deliver high quality trailers in record time of 4 weeks.

Technical information about this LED trailer.

Here you can check out some of the most important technical details. SimpLED is available only with the screen sizes indicated in the table: 

  • Screen size: 15 or 16,5 sqm (161 or 178 sqft)
  • Trailer weight range: up to 2000 kg (4409 lbs)
  • Trailer width: 2,1 m (6,9 ft)
  • Trailer lenght: 5,2 or 5,7 m (17,1 or 18,7 ft) + about 1,7 m (5,6 ft) drawbar

Simple but functional LED screen trailer.

  • Affordable screen trailer that comes with most of the advantages of it’s bigger brothers. Lightweight construction along with altered screen folding system offers shorter set up time than ever before.

What are the biggest advantages of SimpLED screen trailer?

Are you looking for a simple solution to take your screen on the road? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider that trailer.

1. Unfold your LED screen right next to the stage

SimpLED screen trailer, enables you to set your LED screen right next to or behind the stage.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

  • Standard PlatformLED: In case of Platform LED, you need much more space around the trailer. That is because the screen needs to be rotated in order to connect two parts of the screen.
  • SimpLED screen trailer: The design of the trailer, allows you to set up the screen in places with much less space. You only need some free area behind the trailer to unfold the screen.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

2. Simple design.

  • Designed with simplicity in mind. In case you are just starting your business or simply looking for an affordable yet reliable tool. This trailer is a great choice for you.

3. Lightweight.

  • Without the screen trailer weights 1800 kg in case of the European version. That improves its maneuverability in tight spaces where it is mostly intended to use.

4. Fully functional.

  • Share many common features with our regular PlatformLED trailers. In addition, you can further improve trailer functianality via optional equipment.

Save time and money with SimpLED screen trailer.

  • One of the most obvious reasons to choose LED screen trailer is quick preparation time. You want to save it during set-up of your screen. The affordability of that trailer comes as a result of years of development and experience gained along the way. Good production schedule is also a reason why that trailer is such a bargain.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screen

Hydraulic folding system.

  • Hydraulic system quickly joins two parts of the screen. All that operator needs to do is connect both halves with fast locks.

Convenient operation using wired controller.

  • Wired controller allows for fast end safe screen unfolding. Remote controller is available as an additional option.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

Safety of mobile LED screens is our top priority.

  • Long standing experience of our engineers allows us to create reliable and safe trailers that ensure absolute safety of audience and technicians during every event.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

SimpLED with CE and TUV for German market.

  • For our all customers that intend to use their trailers in Germany, we offer optional TUV to ensure absolute compliance with local standards.

Optional static calculations on request.

  • As mention before, safety is one of our top priorities. Static calculations ensure that trailer’s structure is safe to use in conditions described in the manual.

Wind sensor with alarm.

  • SimpLED is able to safely operate in winds up to 15m/s. Anything above that threshold will trigger an alarm. In such case, the screen needs to be immediately folded into the transport position.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screens

Great looking body finishing.

  • We pay great attention to the look of our screen trailers. SimpLED comes with black finishing that greatly improves the overall appearance of the trailer.

Trailers suitable for various climate conditions.

  • We prepare our trailers to operate reliably in even the most difficult conditions. No matter if it’s winter or summer, SimpLED can deal with either of these.

Optional tarpaulin for safety during transport.

  • Cover your LED screen and prevent any damage that might occur during transport

Take the most out of your SimpLED trailer!

  • Long list of additional options can further improve screen functionality and better fit it to your own specific requirements. Below you can check some of the most important options available:

AL-KO axles for the standard versions.

  • We use only the highest quality components. This ensures that your trailer won’t break when you need it most.

Choose trailer with Dicolor’s or your own screen.

  • You can deliver us your screen for installation or we can provide ready solution with Dicolor’s LED MA Series screen already installed.

Adjustable drawbar will enhance functionality.

  • In addition to standard drawbar, we can also provide adjustable version that enables height adjustments.

SimpLED - Mobile LED Screen Options

Additional wings for PA system.

  • Convienients hangers on the sides of the trailer comes as a handy tool to place speakers right next to the screen.

Mover – adjust your trailer in tight spaces!

  • You can make little adjustments to your trailer’s position, even without the car. Electric system enables to move the trailer in order to place it in required position.

Power generator.

  • Thanks to the power generator, SimpLED doesn’t rely on external power sources. You can easily use that trailer without grid power.

Mobile LED screen ready to go after 15 minutes. Check out the video.

That is one common feature of all our mobile LED screens. It is simplicity. We are preparing our trailers to be used by only one person. It is recommended though, that two operators are present during operation.

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