Mobiletechlifts ML4 Multi Purpose Lift
Mobiletechlifts ML4 Multi Purpose Lift Mobiletechlifts ML4 Multi Purpose Lift

Mobiletechlifts ML4 Multi Purpose Lift

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The only TÜV certified multi purpose lift that packs 270 kg (595.95 lbs) of load capacity into 6.5 m (21.33 ft)

Toimitusaika 14 - 21 työpäivää
Tuotenumero / EAN ML4-6527

Mobiletechlifts ML4 Multi Purpose Lift

  • Load: 270 kg (595.95 lbs) 
  • Weight: 136 kg (299.82 lbs) 
  • Max. Height: 6.5m (21.33 ft)
  • Min. Height: 1.98m (6.50 ft)
  • Work surface: 1.97 x 1.82 m (6.46 x 5.97 ft)
  • Sturdy trapezoidal thread: 0.45 m (1.48 ft)
  • Outrigger rubber pads: Yes
  • Level indicator: Yes
  • Height indicator: Yes
  • PLS (pin locking system): Yes
  • Horizontal transport (opt.): Yes
  • Winch cover (optional): Yes

Key Benefits

  • Rubber pads provide increased traction and surface protection. Height adjustable feet feature high profile threading.
  • Forks are available in 0.5 m & 1 m (1.64 ft & 3.28 ft) lengths with allowable load versus load position indicators
  • The unique pin locking system and steel pulleys protect your hardware against damage and ensure safe operation at all times
  • All bases come pre-equipped with attachment points for horizontal installation of wheels for easy transport


  • TÜV baumuster approval assures that all Mobiltechlifts lifts meet the requirements for structures, i.e. when the load is lifted and secured at trim height, the lifting equipment then becomes a structure and different regulations apply to the lifting operation.


  • CE = Self-certified conformity declaration. In this case, the lifts fulfil the demands of European Machine directive 2006/42/EC.


  • This statutory German accident prevention regulation applies to employers and insured persons in Germany, as well as employers and employees from foreign enterprises who perform work in Germany. BGVc1 (currently called DGUV 17) prescribes certain measures referring to applicable German standards, e.g. DIN 56950. This standard fills the gap by not only covering staging and machinery, addressed in EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), but also machinery that this directive does not cover. The directive is implemented in Germany by the 9th Ordinance of the German Product Safety Act (Machinery Ordinance - 9th ProdSV). The directive excludes what it expresses as „machinery intended to move performers during artistic performances“. However, such machinery is not only used to „move performers during artistic performances“ but also to move or hold loads over persons, move or hold persons themselves not only during „artistic performances“ but also during stage construction, setting up scenary and rehearsals.

  • 5° test = A load testing requirement taken from DIN 58950 (safety requirements and inspections for stands and truss lifts of stands)