CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV)
CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV) CCROV Hard Case

CCROV - Professional Underwater Robot (ROV)

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Your First Underwater Robot with a 4K Camera

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CCROV Introduction

  • Portable and Ready to Dive
  • High Quality Material & Integrated Design
  • 6 Thrusters/5 Degrees of Freedom/ Precise control
  • 4K Camera & 720P Live Video Transmission
  • Professional Tether Deployment System (TDS)

The CCROV is a professional underwater robot which can dive to the depth of 100 meters underwater to complete a variety of photographic and video graphic tasks. It is an efficient tool for diving, fishing, boating, yachting, sailing, and other ocean activities; the CCROV can also be used as professional detection equipment for aquaculture industry, infrastructure inspection and other underwater observation tasks. 



  • The CCROV is mini size with dimensions of 208mm x 204mm x 130mm and can be easily carried in a backpack or a suitcase. You can bring it everywhere. The CCROV is also very user-friendly. It can be operated easily by remote controller or Cellphone app. Ready to dive.


  • To maintain a high level of stability and maneuverability, the CCROV operates 4 horizontal and 2 vertical thrusters that will provide 5 degrees of freedom. The CCROV answers all your needs for underwater exploration even in a narrow space within 1m³

4k Camera & 720P Live Video Transmission

  • Users can shoot 4K super high definition photo & video by built-in camera of CCROV. Even the live video is very clear - 720p. And it will show the live temperature, depth, and directional information to the app through the tether deployment system & Wi-Fi.


  • To prevent from high corroding, the material of CCROV shell is made of military grade floating material. It contains high-airtight aluminum alloy cabin inside which can stand the high pressure in 100m underwater. It has been tested in the simulated environment of 120m underwater.


  • We designed a special TDS (Tether deployment system) for CCROV. With the hand shank, it is easy to collect the long cable.With external battery, users can change a new battery. With AC power module interface, the working time is unlimited if use it with an AC jack.


  • Use CCROV to check diving spots or recording diving process.Underwater explore to dangerous diving spots, caves and deep sea area.


  • Users can watch the 720p live video via CCROV APP without getting into the sea. And the built-in 4K camera helps ensure that you get the clearest underwater videos and photos possible while shooting.

Setti sisältää:

  • CCROV Machine (Yellow/Keltainen) 
  • 1x Tether Deploy System (valitse kaapelin (theather) pituus)
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Battery

Underwater Vehicle Specs:

Feature Specs:

  • Dimensions: 208 (L)×204 (W)×158 (H) mm
  • Weight in air: 5524g
  • Thruster: Four set horizontally, and two set vertically
  • Propeller: Immersion-type, with diameter of 34mm
  • LED: 4×350 Lumen
  • Sensor: Depth, temperature
  • Main sealed cabin material: Aluminum alloy
  • Float material Synthetic composite foam

Performance Specs

  • Time of endurance 1 hour
  • Motion control 5 degrees of freedom
  • Vertical hovering accuracy 0.2m
  • Advancing speed Max. 1.0m/s
  • Maximum diving depth 100m
  • Camera 4K/30fps
  • Operating ambient temperature 0~40?

Tether Deploy System (TDS) Specs

  • Dimensions: 238×310×293 mm
  • Weight in air (TDS & Cable, excluding the battery): 2kg (25m cable)/4 kg(75m cable)/5.5kg (95m cable)
  • Cable diameter: 8mm
  • Optional accessory: AC power module
  • AC Power Module: Input 90-305 VAC; Output 12V-54V

Remote Control Specs

  • Operation frequency: 2.400GHz~2.483Ghz
  • Max. effective signal range: FCC CE 100M (without interface or shield)
  • Operating ambient temperature: 0~40?
  • Battery: 4 batteries (AA), Operation time ~ 8 Hours
  • Transmitting power (EIRP): FCC: below 20 dBm
  • Mobile device bracket Dimensions: 66 × 110 × 26mm, capable of supporting the mobile device with the maximum height of 145mm.

Camera Parameters

  • Image sensor Sony: IMX 117 1/2.3 inch CMOS; 12 million effective pixels
  • Lens: FOV 90° f/2.8 ,infinity focus
  • Maximum image resolution 4000×3000
  • Shooting mode of photos: Single photo shooting/multi-photo shooting/fixed-time shooting
  • Video resolution: 
    • 4K: 3840×2160 ( 4K ) 30P
    • 2704×1520 ( 2.7K ) 30p
    • FHD: 1920×1080 120P
    • HD: 1280×720 240P
  • Maximum bit stream of video storage: 60 Mbps
  • Image format JPEG
  • Video format MP4 / MOV?MPEG- 4 H.264/H.265?
  • Memory card type 64 GB Micro SD card?Class 10)
  • Operating ambient temperature 0°C ~ 40°C

Battery and Charger Specs

  • Capacity: 2850mAh
  • Voltage: 54.3V 15S
  • Battery type: 18650 lithium battery pack
  • Energy: 154.76Wh
  • Overall weight of battery: 850g
  • Operating ambient temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
  • Maximum charging power: 75W
  • Battery charger: Input 100-240V; Output 63V

APP, Image Transmission and Others

  • Mobile device App: CCROV
  • Effective omnidirectional radiation power: 100mW
  • Operation frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Real-time image transmission: 720P @ 30fps (depending on actual shooting environment and mobile device)
  • Delay: 170ms (depending on actual shooting environment and mobile device)
  • Mobile device system version requirement: IOS 9.0 or later/ Android 4.4 or later
  • Portable case (optional): 575(L)×406(W)×299mm(H)