AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition
AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition

AOR AR2300IQ Receiver - Special Edition

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High-performance communications receiver for commercial and governmental applications.

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Tuotenumero / EAN AOR-AR2300IQ

AOR AR2300IQ Special Edition

High-performance communications receiver for commercial and governmental applications, as well as for the demanding prosumer.

AR2300 "VQ Special Edition" is a complete wide-band signal detection, monitoring, recording and playback solution with great versatility!

  • 40 KHz - 3.15 GHz, all analog modes
  • Digital 1/Q output and a suite of supplied software solutions for WINDOWS & LINUX
  • 15 MHz wide IF output for external IF recorders, signal and spectrum analyzers•
  • 10 MHz reference input
  • +/- 0.1 ppm frequency stability
  • Full control command set  for system integrators
  • New  updated user manual
  • Optional APCO 25 decoder
  • Optional Ethernet controller


  • Digital signal processing: Input signals after the 45.05 MHz IF are converted from analog to digital by a DSP processor.
  • There is no AGC in the analog processing unit, as all processing, including AGC, is done by DSP.
  • High-performance analog front-end: Analog signal processing is performed by a computer simulated, high-performance distribution constant filter.
  • DDS local oscillator: Instead of the conventional PLL method, the first local frequency is produced by direct digital synthesis. That method allows frequency switching at high speed.
  • IF output: An analog IF of 15 MHz (+/-7.5 MHz) bandwidth is output.
  • Digital I/Q output: A digital I/Q signal of 0.9MHz is output via a USB 2.0 interface.
  • High precision frequency reference: 0.01ppm frequency stability of the 10 MHz internal master oscillator is achieved when using the optional GPS receiver unit.
  • FFT analyzer: Thanks to the onboard FFT processor, 10 MHz wide spectrum data can be output at high speed via serial.
  • Optional APCO25 Phase 1 digital voice demodulation
  • Video demodulation: 
    • By connecting and external TV monitor, it is possible to demodulate the signal of FM modulation security cameras and analog TV broadcasts. When you connect the TV monitor, you can check the demodulated video.
    • Not compatible with digital terrestrial television.
  • Simultaneous monitoring
  • band reception, offset reception, triple reception (restrictions apply).
  • SD card slot: You can record the received audio on SD, as well as backing up receiver settings and memory data.
  • 12 kHz analog I/Q output
  • Allows DRM broadcasts decoding via a PC and dedicated 3rd party software.
  • HF direct sampling. When receiving HF signals, the signals are converted directly to digital without entering the mixer. This allows very good linearity characteristics.
  • Control via LAN/Internet with optional ARL2300 Ethernet Controller


  • 1 Pc of AR2300 Receiver
  • 1 Pc of IQ5001 I/Q output board (pre-installed)
  • 1 Pc of AC Power Adapter
  • 1 Pc of Printed user manual
  • 1 Pc of SD card
  • 1 Pc of USB cable
  • 1 Pc of USB license dongle with software suite & drivers