PSSO Pro PA and Club Speakers

PSSO Pro PA and Club Speakers


The K-Series includes 6 tops, 8 subwoofers and 3 monitors. It is designed for small to medium-sized events with a high demand on sound fidelity. This is ensured by the built-in loudspeakers of the European manufacturer CELTO Acoustique.

The K series can be used for both mobile and permanent installations and is fully equipped with Neutrik connectors.

PSSO K-Series


High-quality sound solution for clubs

The name suggests it: The PSSO Prime Club System is a professional sound system that meets all requirements of modern club culture. What makes it so unique is the mixture of high-quality technical components - all premium drivers come from the French manufacturer CELTO Acoustique - and an extravagant design.


The octagonal shape deliberately stands out and provides variety in the otherwise rather monotonous appearance of loudspeaker systems. The color of the individual parts (body, grille) can be freely selected on the basis of the RAL classic system. In this way, a better integration into an existing interior is possible.

PSSO Prime System


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