Lumitrix T2 - Outdoor Projector System

Lumitrix T2 - Outdoor Projector System

Lumitrix T2 -  The most advanced video-mapping projectors for creators and their remarkable projects.

Lumitrix T2

Explore 10 revolutionary facts about LUMITRIX and start a journey into the future of digital outdoor projections.

Smart Stand-alone Solution 

  • Unlike the traditional projection set-ups LUMITRIX integrates all required functional components* in a single device. This makes its use significantly easier.

*DLP Projector; Media Server; Mapping Designer; GSM Remote Access; Camera; Power Manager 

State of the Art Attachment Fixtures

  • For the most convenient projector handling and installation versatility available in the proAV market.
    • Portable tripod for short-term events
    • Wall/post fixture for permanent set-ups

Weatherproof Body with air filter and overvoltage protection is ready for tough conditions 

  • Including after-blackout show-restart management for installations on places with non-reliable power sources. IP43 certified

Lumitrix T2 - Weatherproof Body

Lightweight Aluminium Chassis in compact size. 

  • Because every gram counts when lifting equipment in heights.
  • Total weight of a LUMITRIX T2 unit: 21 kg

Forget cables and focus on the performance. 

  • LUMITRIX provides full functionality with just a single /power input/ connection. 
  • IP65 certified power connector 110 - 230 V / 550 W

Lumitrix T2 - Outdoor Projector

Revolutionary Wireless Connectivity

  • LUMITRIX is equipped with 4G/LTE internet access /IoT/. Upload media and settings can be managed from anywhere on the planet.

Projection-mapping App 

  • including library of themes, real-time video editor and interactive HTML5 apps.

Night-vision Camera 

  • with object-scanning function is integrated in the projection lens for the perfect image position accuracy
  • Scanner tool projecting a set of horizontal and vertical lines to calculate the accurate geometry for precise projection mapping

Lumitrix T2 - Scan

Multi Projector Set-up Tools Included 

  • with soft edge-blender and video-playback synchronization.* Two or more LUMITRIX projectors can be linked for unlimited** brightness/resolution output. 
  • Try on-line project configurator 

Lumitrix T2 - Multi Set-up

Interactive Game Controller 

  • For your audience to play games, paint with light, or share photos & video. 

Lumitrix T2 - Rental | Vuokraus

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