Light Captain from Eurolite (Free Download)

Light Captain from Eurolite (Free Download)

Light Captain from Eurolite

  • The Light Captain app is aimed at both beginners who are taking their first DMX steps as well as demanding and experienced users. Light Captain is clearly and logically structured, so that even the inexperienced user can quickly find his way around. Nevertheless, the app offers many solutions that also facilitate the professional's work and enable more complex lighting situations.

Suitable For All Types Of Spotlights

  • The app can be used to control all types of spotlights: simple white light spotlights, colorful LED spotlights, compact lighting systems of all kinds, lighting effects, or moving lights. Even the DMX protocols of show lasers or multi-effects can be mapped. Accordingly, the application area of the app is also wide-ranging.

Light Captain from Eurolite

Use With Freedmx

  • To use the app as a lighting controller, the freeDMX interface is required in addition to the tablet. The DMX signal is output wirelessly to the connected devices via the already known freeDMX AP interface.


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Section For Beginners

  • In the app, there are different sections where light can be controlled. In the first section, those who want to use different lighting scenes and chasers for parties or concerts will feel comfortable. The chaser lights can be controlled by setting the speed or music control. There is also the option of password-protecting programs or shows so that operators can call up and set different lighting moods and sequences, but not change them. This mode is also suitable for installations in clubs, for example, where the light is pre-programmed and then should be easily operated by different people without any sources of error.

Light Captain from Eurolite

Section For Professionals

  • But theaters and technicians of larger shows will also love the Light Captain: Because there is a second section where scenes are worked with. A scene consists of different cues (lighting moods), which can be switched on with a Go button. Fade-in and fade-out times can be programmed in between the individual cues. Up to three scenes can be active at the same time, and each can be adjusted in its overall brightness. In addition, there are three freepatch faders to which moods can be assigned (for example, to control hall lights, front lights, or fog).

Light Captain


  • For easier programming, there is a large and constantly growing library with many already created fixtures from Eurolite. To patch any spotlight, you only have to assign the DMX channels of the spotlight to the corresponding functions. For professional requirements, values can also be restricted, default values assigned and the individual positions of the color and gobo wheels defined. Lamp on/off commands for discharge lamps are also easy to assign.

Eurolite Light Captain

Color Control

  • The app's color control builds on the proven concept of the Color Chief: Light Captain also allows each fixture to be color controlled in four segments. No matter if it's a KLS system, a LED bar with 4 segments, or a washlight with four rings. In addition, Light Captain can display color mixtures with up to 8 basic colors. For color effects, there is an effect section with 6 pre-programmed effects.

Eurolite Light Captain


  • For the movement of moving lights, a 16bit capable control is provided. In addition to positioning control, an effects unit can be used to create motion effects quickly and effectively. Furthermore, gobos, prisms, zoom, and focus can be adjusted on the control level. In addition, there are 8 freepatch controls. Even complex multi-effects or show lasers can be sensibly created here.

Eurolite Light Captain


  • On "Pre Cues" frequently used settings can be stored and recalled again and again. There are 15 general memories, 15 color memories, on which color values are stored, and 15 move memories, which store position values.

Eurolite Light Captain


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